Refurbished Desktops & laptops

More Bang for Your Buck

Stock image of a desktop computer and monitor with Computer Revival on the screen
Laptop with Computer Revival on the screen

You know it’s supposed to mean more bang for your buck, but for some, the term “refurbished” stirs up more questions than confidence.

Fortunately, these and other common questions about re-manufactured products are easily answered, allowing you to make the smartest buy for your technology needs. Refurbished simply means someone else has already paid the majority of the depreciation on that item and you are buying refurbished because of the added value and low cost.

  • Tested and Verified

    We put all of our refurbished computers and hardware through an extensive battery of test before they are ready to be sold. This means you can rest assured that whether you are buying a whole computer, monitor, or just a hard drive. The savings will be worth it.

  • Software

    Most all of our refurbished computers and laptops come with the latest and greatest operating system software. That way you are getting value through lower prices and state of the art operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 10.

  • Warranty & Returns

    All refurbished & used merchandise is backed by a 1 week return policy and a 30 day warranty. We offer extended warranties for products ranging from 1 year to 2 years. All warranty service is prioritized and moved to the head of the service list so that  if you ever have a problem you can expect our fast and courteous tech department to have your repair at the top of their priority list.

Any way you want it... that's the way you need it.

With both on-site and in-store service and sales we are your go to solution for Tucson computer repair & services.