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Laptop with Computer Revival on the screen

At Computer Revival we custom build PC’s and custom order laptops to meet the exact needs and requirements of our customers.

How do we determine what it is you need in a custom built computer? We take the time to evaluate the way you use your current PC or laptop and use that information to plan your new computer to perform and build in the capabilities, features, and software that will give you the perfect computing tool. This is done by evaluating your current usage and anticipating your future computing needs. Once we have determined your current and potential computer usage we put together a build plan that not only meets those demands but allows for additional growth in performance in case you need to upgrade your computer in the future for new and more challenging tasks.

  • Size Matters... sometimes.

    Not everyone is looking for the same exact computer. Some people want a monster tower that can house all of their Go Pro footage. Others want a inexpensive lightning fast Internet computer that can be tucked away behind a monitor. And of course some gamers enjoy a light filled gaming rig that they can show off to their friends. What every your needs are we can find just the right fit for you.

  • Custom Parts

    We craft our custom built computers to your exact needs. Whether it be media storage, media editing, video gaming or just a computer that will stand the test of time. Custom built doesn’t have to mean expensive our staff is well trained at accessing your needs and helping you get the computer that is just right for you.

  • Peripheral Devices

    With any custom built computer we can match your needs when it comes to Keyboard, Mouse, & Speakers. Just want the basics …. we got you covered. Looking to make sure your quality sound system is providing top performance?. You pick the interface devices you like best instead of being stuck with things you do not need. Don’t have a Ethernet port near by? We can include a WiFi card so your ready to go as soon as you get home.  From value price to state of the art we can provide the computer peripherals that you meet your needs.


At Computer Revival we offer all types and varieties of desktop PC’s from moderate home office word processors and Internet PC’s, to large high powered power packed gaming rigs and everything in between.   Some are brand new and custom built by us.  Some are purchased from our customers and then refurbished by our technicians.  Many are purchased from national distributors and world wide manufactures like Dell, HP and Lenovo.  What ever you may need we can help you find that perfect fit that makes the most of you computer budget and gets you the capability and performance you need out of your personal computer.


Laptops are fun, versatile, and portable!  They fill the gap between large desktop PC’s anchored in your home or place of business, and smart phones and tablets which can keep you connected to the internet, but offer only limited functionality.  Laptops can generally handle all types of computer functions but are not as bulky as a desktop PC.  So when you travel and you need to stay connected to your life, your job and your family…. take a laptop along with you and stay in sinc with the world. Since 2005 laptops have outsold desktop PC’s because of their versatility and performance.

So the next time you need to replace or repair you laptop head on in to Computer Revival and check out the wide variety of functional and efficient laptops and tablets available at Computer Revival.


Parts is parts, so when you need to upgrade you computer equipment or just replace a missing laptop power cord stop by Computer Revival and we will provide you with the exact replacement part you need either from our in-store inventory or from our one of our many special order parts vendors.

Any way you want it... that's the way you need it.

With both on-site and in-store service and sales we are your go to solution for Tucson computer repair & services.