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We would all like to purchase the newest, fastest computers on the market, but that isn’t always an option. So what do you do with older computers that might have trouble keeping up with your current and future needs? Luckily, the right hardware upgrades can significantly improve your computer’s performance. Talk to one of our skilled techs for newest promotions on upgrades, repairs and parts.


We can increase the speed and efficiency of your computer by replacing or upgrading your your RAM. Additional RAM means faster boot up and shut down times and quicker transition between programs or documents. Think of RAM or Memory as the work space for your computer. Insufficient memory is like trying to write the world’s next best seller by hand on a spiral notepad .

Motherboard & Processor

Motherboards are the main platform that allow all of your computer components to interface with each other properly. We can replace failed motherboards if the motherboard model you require is still in production, or is still available in the supply chain. We can also upgrade the CPU (Central Processing Unit) to maximize the full potential of your motherboard.


With computers cooling is King. Upgrade the cooling capability of your PC and your PC will run faster and more efficiently. Replacing your worn out case fans or increasing the number of case fans in your PC can improve overall air flow and performance and improve the longevity of the internal components.

Disk Space

We can also upgrade your hard drive to give you more storage space, or provide an SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade which will increase the speed and efficiency of your PC or laptop. Solid state hard drives have data transfer rates that are dramatically faster than standard SATA hard drives. Insufficient storage space can also impact your computers ability to perform the simplest of tasks. Think of this like trying to do your homework at the dinner table. If it is hard to find the space for the needed files it will negatively impact the computers performance.

Video Cards

If you are a gamer, a mechanical engineer running high end CAD programs, or are just looking to run 2 or 3 monitors with the same computer output, you need high end video capabilities.  At Computer Revival  we can sell and install upgraded video cards and provide the video processing power you require for any or all of these computing projects.  Whatever your video processing needs are, Computer Revival is here to provide you the fastest and most economical answer to those needs.

Media Cards

Many media cards,  like sound cards or video cards, can stop working due to the amount of data we process through them. Poor quality data or lack of output are tell tail signs that a media card has stopped working properly. These components are relatively inexpensive and can be simply swapped out for new media cards.

Networking & WiFi

If you need wireless reception on your PC or laptop, we can upgrade your computer to function on a wireless network. If you do not have a wireless network set up at your home or place of business, our A+ Certified technicians can come to your location and install or upgrade your current wireless router to a state of the art wireless router giving your wireless network increased speed and a much greater range.

Optical Drives

DVD burners, Blue Ray players and Blue Ray burners can fail on any PC. We stock both new and used optical drives of all types including the older IDE optical drives for older PC’s. We also offer external optical drive that connect to the computer through an open USB port, providing simple plug and play capability.

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