Tucson Computer Repair

Expert Computer Repair, Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting

Hardware & Software

At the heart of every healthy computer is a well conceived hardware configuration and a properly maintained combination of software programs including but not limited to the operating system.

At Computer Revival, our multifaceted diagnostics approach allows us to look at all of the pieces of the puzzle to determine what issues are causing problems with the proper function of your computer. Computer Revival has decades of experience repairing both hardware and software issues and takes pleasure in getting your computer back up and running with the most cost effective repair solution. Using this information, we can pinpoint what ails your computer and offer cost-effective solutions. Whether it is failing hardware or virus infected software, at Computer Revival we will find the cause and offer cost effective solutions to your computing problems.

Laptop Repair

Whether your laptop screen is cracked or failing to turn on, we have got you covered. Is your keyboard malfunctioning?  We can fix that too. Misplaced you a/c power adapter?  Let us provide you a factory replacement or an inexpensive universal power supply.  Virus infection or operating system malfunction, we can take care of that too.  Our A+ certified technicians are ready to help diagnose your laptop problem and let you know what it will cost to repair. So when your laptop heads south, head on over to Computer Revival and let us resolve your Laptop issue whatever it may be.

Component Replacement

Components come in all shapes and sizes and as you might expect not all of them have the same capabilities or interface. For instance, new video cards are often times backwards compatible with older computers and can easily be upgraded. Other types of components include memory, sound cards, optical drives, hard drives, and even solid-state disks. All of these in most cases can be replaced, recycled, & upgraded breathing life back into your system leaving it rehabilitated and responsive.

Desktop Repair

One of the greatest features of a desktop computer is that it is highly modular as many of its components can be removed and replaced. Often times this is the only solution available to us when dealing with either upgrades or repairs. The advantage here is that if a sound card stops playing sound, we can replace it. More often than not it turns out to be something as simple as a software update for instance new drivers for the sound card. Whatever your desktops problem may be do not hesitate to get it fixed as desktop computers have the lowest average cost to repair

In Store & On Site Service Options

We offer most of our services both in store and on site. Which means if you are just looking to drop your computer off on your way into work, we are hear for you. If you would like to stay home for the day and enjoy the pool just let us know and we can come to you.  This service saves you the hassle of disconnecting your computer, hauling it to the shop and dropping it off…. leaving it for several days, returning to the store for pickup of your repaired computer, driving it home and rewiring everything to return your computer to working order.  Either way it is up to you.  Just let us know how we can help!

Any way you want it... that's the way you need it.

With both on-site and in-store service and sales we are your go to solution for Tucson computer repair & services.