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how to make my computer run faster

Dec 1 2021

How to Make My Computer Run Faster: Seven Things to Try

Are you tired of seeing the spinning wheel of death every time you go to complete an important task on your computer? Do you fear that your slow computer is a sign of a larger issue? If so, then you’re probably wondering, “What are some tips for how to make my computer run faster?” You’re…
computer memory

Nov 16 2021

Computer Memory: A Complete Guide to Random Access Memory

No one deserves their place in computing history as much as Robert Heath Dennard. In a time when data was stored on punchcards, he envisioned a world with smaller, random accessed memory. But do you know how important his invention, RAM, is to a computer’s operation? RAM is the short-term memory for your computer, helping run programs…
hard drive failure

Nov 2 2021

Hard Drive Failure: How to Troubleshoot Hard Disk Problems

Losing even a fraction of your data can be devastating. While things like games can be re-downloaded, other files such as family photos are often irreplaceable.  Very often, losing files happens due to hard drive failure. Sometimes, it seems like problems can come out of nowhere, apropos of nothing you’ve used your computer for lately! Many…
types of computer virus

Oct 11 2021

8 Types of Computer Virus and What to Do About Them

One day, you’re using your computer with no issues. Suddenly, things start happening. Nothing is working correctly, and your computer seems to have grown a mind of its own. You sink as you realize that you’ve got a computer virus.  It happens to the best of us, even governments. Computer viruses are incredibly stressful, especially…
computer repair shop

Sep 27 2021

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Computer Repair Shop for You

The average lifespan of a computer is five to eight years if you take decent care of it. However, at some point in the computer’s life — perhaps more than once — it’s going to need some maintenance and repairs. Even the best computers with the most responsible owners can have problems long before their life…