Image of Joe Flieger, staff member at Computer Revival Tucson

Joseph Flieger has been supporting our business since he started here as a computer sales associate over 10 years ago. He soon took on more responsibility and started handling all of our returned merchandise authorization. After he completed his schooling in Computer Science he offered to help maintain and support our website in a freelance capacity. He created and maintains this site for us.

Lead computer technician staff member at Computer Revival Tucson, Faraz Zein

Lead Computer Technician

Faraz Zein is our lead computer technician with several years of service in our store and many more in his professional career. He is adept in creating custom service solutions that meet the needs of our customers while not breaking the bank. Usually offering several solutions to common problems our customers face and making his recommendation given the age of the unit and cost of each solution. His expertise can be very helpful when trying to understand why your computer is not performing as it should.