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Computer Renaissance is a locally owned and operated state of the art computer store where we buy, sell, trade, and service, new and refurbished PC’s, laptops, printers and monitors. Computer Renaissance has been servicing the computer needs of Tucson Arizona since 1996. At Computer Renaissance we custom build computers and laptops. We offer fast, friendly, courteous service on all types of computers old and new. We specialize in virus removal and antivirus installation. We also specialize in adware and spyware prevention, and removal of those annoying pop ups. We do all kinds of computer upgrades from installing additional ram to upgrading hard drives and video cards on all makes and models of computers.

54f61ffd6ab359.57876190[1]We have component parts for both wired and wireless networks and we have onsite technicians available to help you with your home or small business networks at your location. We do both data backup and data recovery on failed hard drives and we can transfer your valuable data and pictures from your old failing computer to your new custom built PC or laptop. Computer Renaissance is where great customer service and computer solutions come together. Contact Us today and let us know how we can help you!


Computer system tune-ups and upgrades

What do you do when your computer begins to slow down and take longer and longer to boot up and transfer between programs?

The simple answer is replace it with a newer, faster, more capable PC.  But if you just want to regain your PC’s original capabilities and add a bit more speed and power to your daily computing, then the best answer is to perform a yearly tune up on your computer.  You can imagine how your car would run if you never gave it a tune up or never changed its oil.  Computers also require regular maintenance and their speed and power can be increased with some simple system upgrades.

First of all, you should have a tune up on your PC performed at least once a year.  In a tune up, our technician will scan for virus and malware on your hard drive, and remove any of the viruses found.  We then clean the inside of the computer to remove all dust and foreign substances, like pet hair.  These types of substances can cause a drastic reduction in the ability of the computer to cool itself while it is operating.  Keeping the PC clear and clean increases cooling capability and allows your computer to run more efficiently, giving the internal components more longevity.  We also verify that the “auto update” is active for the operating system, defragment the hard drive, clean up the start up menu and remove unnecessary or unwanted items.  Finally we clean the registry, removing all unused or fragmented files.

At this time, we evaluate your computer for potential upgrades like adding more RAM.  We take a look at the amount of RAM currently in use in your PC.  Adding RAM to most PCs is the quickest and most cost effective way to speed up the performance at boot up and while transferring between programs.  Additional RAM in most cases allows the PC run faster and more smoothly.

Other potential upgrades include adding more hard drive storage space by replacing your small hard drive with a larger or faster hard drive.  In addition to replacing your original small hard drive we may recommend an additional hard drive, giving your computer two hard drives; this adds more storage space for word files, documents, pictures, and music.